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We are excited this month to spotlight a member of our recently acquired business, Surgical Technologies, Inc. (STI), which was purchased by PRO-TECH Design in May 2022. STI is a medical device contract manufacturer based in St. Paul, MN. The acquisition was a great opportunity for PRO-TECH to extend its presence from California and Texas to include Minnesota, another important market for medical devices.

The person we are spotlighting, has been a long-time employee of STI and is a great choice to be the first we feature from that team. His name is Tim Husnik and he has been with company since 2002.

Tim found his way to STI after working at medical device manufacturer, Boston Scientific. It was a natural transition from there to working on medical device packaging for customers like his previous employer.

Over 20 years, he has seen a lot of ups and downs at the company, but one of the things that hasn’t changed even with the transfer of ownership, has been the focus on family. STI and PRO-TECH were both private, family-owned companies. And both treat their employees as part of the family and emphasize developing and growing people as part of a long term commitment.

That commitment to development is evident in Tim’s career. He has grown from an individual contributor to a manufacturing lead where he supervises multiple employees divided into work cells. Each cell works together and help lead projects through assembly and packaging. This structure helps with cross-training and building a cohesive team. Tim complimented the leadership in the St. Paul office by saying that the installation of work cells has really paid dividends and he enjoys the opportunity the structure provides to make meaningful contributions and continue to grow his leadership skills. He gets to work with interesting people every day from diverse backgrounds, and he really enjoys getting to know his people and building a collaborative team.

Everyone from STI is of course still getting familiar with PRO-TECH, but so far, the transition has been very smooth, and Tim has been gratified to see that the new company values his expertise and listens to his ideas while providing new resources. Starting from a place of trust and a collaborative spirit has made the transition enjoyable and he looks forward to being part of the growth of the new company.

A lifelong resident of Minnesota, Tim is the second oldest of five children and an extensive reader. He enjoys history, theology, and travel stories among others. You can also often find him at the movies catching a recent sci-fi film. Ask him about growing up on a chicken farm and you’ll know why he decided to get into medical devices instead!

Tim, thank you for all your help making the acquisition a success so far. We look forward to your continued help growing the company in Minnesota.