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Jon Russell is our Director of Engineering and Information Technology. He joined PRO-TECH Design
about 1 ½ years ago and has quickly become a key player for the company.
When he joined PRO-TECH, he brought with him a strong engineering background and a wealth of
experience in medical device production and operational efficiency. Originally from Indiana, Jon
matriculated at Purdue University where he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later
added an MBA from Indiana University to round out his Indiana educational experience.

Upon graduating, Jon got a job working as an engineer for a medical device company in the Midwest. He
became a subject matter expert in line set up, cleanroom operations, and process flow. This eventually
led to a unique opportunity to start a production plant in Mexico, and a few years later he and his family
relocated to Southern California.

Jon went on to work for a company to gain experience in R&D and contract manufacturing working with
bio-pharma and drug-device combination products. This was great experience for later working at a
contract manufacturer like PRO-TECH that also works with drug-device combination products as part of
its portfolio.

Jon was recruited to join PRO-TECH in 2021. What appealed to him about the opportunity was the
family aspect of the company. He didn’t want to work for a big, corporate conglomerate anymore and
he liked the idea of working at a place that got to know it’s people personally, had a family feel, and
where he could have a larger local impact. So far, PRO-TECH has delivered on all those facets,
reinforcing that he landed at the right place.

In a relatively short amount of time, Jon has become an important member of the PRO-TECH leadership
team. He has had a big impact on the company’s operational efficiency where he has worked on
process improvements, semi-automation, improved communication between departments, and even
producing custom 3D-printed production tools to help operators. Jon and his I/T team also upgraded
technology platforms to provide greater visibility and security for customers and internal teams.

However, that wasn’t enough, he also tackled the job of integrating a new company into PRO-TECH’s
technology systems when we acquired Surgical Technologies, Inc. in St. Paul, MN last year.

Outside of PRO-TECH, Jon is married with two kids, and he enjoys hiking and the outdoors. He also loves
tinkering, and at the moment, is re-building a 1968 Mustang. By this summer, Jon hopes to be driving it
down Pacific Coast Highway.

Welcome to the team Jon! You’ve been a great addition, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll help PRO-
TECH continue to grow and improve.