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Worked at a Linear Particle Accelerator Lab. Grew up in India but attended the University of Kentucky. Married someone from the Czech Republic. Loves to cross-country ski at night.

These are a few of the unique characteristics that make our featured Team Member so interesting.

His name is Shashank Rajan, and he is the Operations Manager in our St. Paul, MN office. Shashank joined Surgical Technologies, Inc. (STI) in 2014, and then became part of the PRO-TECH Design family when PRO-TECH acquired STI in May of last year.

As mentioned, Shashank grew up in India with his mom, dad, and older brother. His father attended college in the U.S., but then returned home to India where he met Shashank’s mother. Meanwhile, his aunt, who also attended college in the U.S. met and married a friend of his father’s and stayed in the U.S.

Years later, unbeknownst to his father, Shashank’s Aunt filled out a U.S. green card application for his dad, and it was about to expire. Also, Shashank’s older brother was already in the United States attending college. So that, along with the impending green card expiration were the sparks that convinced the whole family to move to the U.S. Of all places, they landed in Kentucky, and Shashank headed to the University of Kentucky to attend college as a Computer Engineering major.

While at school, he also got a job at a linear particle accelerator lab. This proved not only interesting, but useful, because after graduating, he moved to Wisconsin to work for a company that was looking for someone with particle accelerator experience. This company specialized in radiopharmaceuticals and PET scans, and he gained some valuable experience working with an FDA-regulated company.

Around this time, while he was living in Wisconsin, his Czech girlfriend, who he met at the University of Kentucky was doing post-doctoral studies in California. The distance was getting to be too much, so they decided to get married and move to the same place. She received a job offer in Minnesota, and they decided to relocate to the “North Star State” permanently.

The move to Minnesota brought Shashank to STI, and now PRO-TECH. He started as a Quality Engineer, and was immediately pressed into service to manage a major project for the company. From this success and others, he was then promoted to run the Engineering department, and eventually because he had experience in operations, engineering and quality, he was promoted to Operations Manager. Shashank’s well-rounded experience has given him a very strong overview of the integrated processes at the St. Paul office, and he has been an invaluable asset as the company transitioned from STI to PRO-TECH.

During the past year, Shashank has played a large role in integrating a new enterprise management system, lending his expertise to share our capabilities with customers, and providing his wit and wisdom as a team leader. A team player, he is quick to compliment both the STI and PRO-TECH teams and he looks forward to helping to grow the business by lending his operational and technological expertise.

Outside of work, Shashank can be found cross-country skiing (often at night), playing with his two children, or visiting a local patisserie (nice bakery). Apparently, there are many good ones in Minneapolis/St. Paul, so ask him for recommendations when you visit next.
Shashank, you have been a great addition to the PRO-TECH team, and we appreciate all that you’ve done thus far to make the transition successful, and we look forward to celebrating your contributions in the future – maybe at the local bakery.