Sterilization picture 1PRO-TECH offers full contract sterilization services, including validation and cycle development. We employ a team of microbiologists specializing in medical device sterilization. Furthermore, we have both in-house and managed third-party laboratory support.



Our customers benefit from our 40 years of experience in the industry. With sterilization it’s important not only to be compliant, but also to be efficient and time-sensitive. We design medical device sterilization programs to meet your specific product needs, and to ensure that they are cost effective. In most cases, we can even utilize our foundation of existing work to speed you to market. So, why start over? Why pay for half empty chambers? Why use a contractor with less sterilization experience than you have? Because, with PRO-TECH you don’t have to.


Commitment to Quality

From cycle development to protocol to sample preparation to final report, our customers enjoy a complete sterilization solution. We also provide ongoing regulatory support to ensure continued compliance. Our Quality Assurance group performs on-site audits of all our sterilization contractors at least annually and keeps scorecards of overall performance.

To meet your compliance needs, all cycles and sterility data are reviewed and approved by an on-staff microbiologist. Data and certificates are made available to customers 24/7 via our customer portal.


Range of Options

We currently sterilize both implantable and non-implantable medical devices by ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, and steam.


Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene Oxide (EO or ETO) is among the most common sterilization methods in the medical device industry. At PRO-TECH, we use it all the time. In fact, we ran nearly 1,000 pallets of EO sterilized product last year, in over 100 cycles.

PRO-TECH runs mixed loads with product adopted into our iPCD-based product family, allowing our customers to pay a fraction of the sterilization cost. Adoption studies are performed in accordance with recognized standards such as ISO 11135 and AAMI TIR 28. You can leverage existing data supplemented with laboratory testing specific to your product. Common tests include: bioburden, LAL, comparative resistance, and EO residual studies per ISO 10993-7.

Our experts are there to assist throughout the entire process.


Radiation Sterilization

PRO-TECH sterilizes medical devices with both gamma and electron beam (E-Beam). We use local sterilization contractors throughout the country to save shipping costs and mitigate the risk of product damage during transit.

Our sterilization experts will guide you through the process of establishing your product family, executing the performance qualification of your dose, and provide ongoing dose audit support. 


Steam Sterilization

PRO-TECH is an ISO 17665 registered contract steam sterilizer. We have both 6 and 56 cubic foot chambers located at our Santa Fe Springs, CA location. Contract services are available, whether PRO-TECH packages your device or not.

All our chambers are clean steam, GMP, and are capable of Air-Over-Pressure (AOP) to accommodate the needs of liquid products. These cycles are typically used for the terminal sterilization of liquid filled containers, tubes, vials, and syringes.

Our 6-cubic foot chamber is equipped with Steam-Air-Mix (SAM) capabilities for high pressure during exposure and cool down.

For more information on our sterilization capabilities, please Contact Us today.