Fraud Blocker

Our next spotlight is Juliet Ojeda. Juliet is a member of our accounting team and makes sure our bills
are paid on time and customer accounts are kept up to date.

Juliet’s story is a true Southern California story. She grew up in Long Beach and went to Cal State Long
Beach as a finance major. While attending college, she started working at Disneyland, which is about 15
minutes from PRO-TECH Design’s headquarters building. Disneyland was a wonderful experience. They
helped pay for her last year of college, she got to work as part of the team that opened the new Galaxy’s
Edge Star Wars land, and she got to see stars like Tom Brady, Arianna Grande, and the Kardashians

She will always have a special place in her heart for Disneyland, but after graduation she started working
at PRO-TECH Design. She worked at both companies on a part-time basis for a while, but eventually
found it too difficult to manage two jobs and had to make a decision. PRO-TECH had a full-time
opportunity to work in customer service and she decided to join the company officially.

She found that customer service was a great place to start. She learned how to work with customers
and understand their needs. Seeing the front-end of the process has been a great complement to her
experience in accounting where she sees the back-end operations and payments. This exposure to the
front and back ends of the customer experience has helped her understand our business and our
customers more holistically, which helps her provide better support.

After a year working in customer service, there was an opportunity to move to the accounting team.
She liked the idea and it fit with her skills in finance. She was sad to leave customer service, but she saw
this as an opportunity to continue to enhance her learning and skills. In her brief time with the
company, Juliet has gained a reputation as someone who people trust, who is nice to work with, and
who is very competent. People enjoy working with her and appreciate how quickly she has fit into and
added to the culture of the company.

It is fitting, because she was initially referred to PRO-TECH by her friend, Irma, who also works at the
company and who was spotlighted for her contributions last year. Good people attract good people. As
another indication of Juliet’s character, she was part of a volunteer group in high school, and she
received a medal for volunteering for over 250 hours! She is someone who likes to give back, likes to
challenge herself, and likes to work with other people who care and take care of each other.

Outside of work, Juliet enjoys going to concerts. Her favorite so far has been Harry Styles, but she has
tickets to see Taylor Swift and Beyonce later this year. You can see her dedication to seeing the top
performers in the world (as well as her skill in securing hard-to-get tickets).

Juliet, you have been a terrific addition to the team, and we appreciate how much you have contributed
to PRO-TECH in a few short years. We look forward to seeing you continue to grow and evolve at the
company for years to come.