What is ASTM F1980 and Why Should You Care?

For medical device packaging, one essential criterion is that the packaging you choose protects the device and maintains its sterile integrity over the shelf-life of the product. ASTM F1980 is the industry standard that governs accelerated …

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Fundamentals of the CAPA Quality Process

A good medical device contract manufacturer must have a rigorous quality system in place to ensure that the device is protected and safe for use. Part of that system should include a detailed corrective and preventive action process outlined …

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PRO-TECH Design Purchases Minnesota Contract Manufacturer

PRO-TECH Design Purchases Minnesota Contract Manufacturer

PRO-TECH Design & Manufacturing, Inc. is returning to its roots in Minnesota. With the acquisition of Surgical Technologies, Inc. (STI), PRO-TECH owners are …

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2022 – Making the Case for a Positive Outlook

The Essentials of Medical Device Packaging Validation

Packaging validations are a critical part of the overall medical device packaging process. Validations ensure that the packaging material, sealing processes, handling and distribution …

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PRO-TECH Design featured in CompanyWeek profile

CompanyWeek magazine, an online newsletter focused on manufacturing across the Western United States, interviewed PRO-TECH Design CEO and Founder, Pamela McMaster. The article profiles the company, talks about our core services, and shares the origin story of how Pam...