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“The Global Choreographer”.

Even with all the negative headlines out there right now, we wanted to continue with our Team Member Spotlight series and celebrate positive people. And, what a spotlight this month!

Remy Villeno’s career has taken her all over the world. She has worked in places like the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Haiti. Not one to run from a challenge, Remy embraced her experiences, bringing her unique combination of tenacity, compassion and expertise to every place she’s been.

As Production Supervisor at PRO-TECH, she manages our medical sewing operations. The division’s expertise is in designing custom sewn cases, pouches, and garments that help consumers comfortably wear life-saving medical devices. Each customer requires a unique solution to meet the specifications of their device and how it’s used. As a result, Remy and her team are constantly adapting to new situations, where they utilize different materials, different equipment, and different sewing techniques.

Talking to Remy about her career is like reading a spy novel – exciting, tense and satisfying. She has stories of a harrowing escape from a coupe-de-tat; cooking for people after a devastating earthquake; and experiencing heartwarming compassion along the way.

All of these experiences have helped shape Remy’s leadership style. She knows when to be firm, when to be compassionate, and when to have a little fun. She likes to Tango, Cha-cha, Salsa, and has even taught Zumba. At company parties, she can always be counted on to lead the choreography and get people dancing.

So, to our globe-trotting choreographer, we’d like to say “Thank You” for choosing PRO-TECH as your home and for sewing solutions for our customers!