Fraud Blocker

Labeling is a crucial, but underappreciated aspect of medical device production and assembly. You need to ensure 100% accuracy and traceability, and to provide peace of mind that it will be done correctly every time. Luckily, we have a great talent in-house who leads our labeling department.

Randy Montanez has been with PRO-TECH for four years and he’s played a significant role in the growth of our labeling capabilities, including graphic design and communication, tracking, and adopting an innovative label control system.

Randy brings a unique blend of design skills plus mechanical expertise. You don’t often find these talents in one person and it really helps the team create integrated label solutions that communicate the product clearly but also run consistently on high speed, advanced print equipment.

Throughout his career, Randy has appreciated working for companies who demonstrate clear purpose and values. He enjoys building departments and contributing to the growth of companies who emphasize collaboration and champion employee opportunities.

While Randy spends much of his time working to make PRO-TECH’s label department best in class, he also finds time outside work to further develop his art and design skills. In fact, you may find him at various festivals and conventions from time to time exhibiting his print and silk screen designs.

Randy, thank you for all the “art” you create for our clients and for the rigor you put in to create well designed, accurate, and fully traceable labels for our customers.