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As we start 2021, we are excited to introduce you to another fantastic member of our team. Her name is Priya Revindran and she manages PRO-TECH’s on-site laboratory.

Just to demonstrate that we search all corners of the globe for the best talent, Priya grew up in Malaysia. While in college, she heard of a unique program to study biotechnology in the U.S., and she took the leap and moved to Southern California. As part of her program at Cal Poly Pomona, she discovered that she was very good at lab work and particularly enjoyed the chemistry aspect. Upon graduation, she went to work for NAMSA (North American Science Association) as a lab technician. While there, she built her expertise in medical device testing and validation. With this testing background, she was an ideal candidate to join the PRO-TECH team as we were interested in augmenting our laboratory services capabilities.

Since joining our team 1 ½ years ago, she has been instrumental in increasing the sophistication and capabilities of our lab. As an example, at the end of last year, and after months of detailed preparation, Priya and our Quality Team, achieved ISO 17025 lab accreditation. This is a significant milestone in the company’s history, and we are very proud of the efforts of the whole team. We are now able to offer additional benefits to customers.

Priya is also very busy outside of work as the mother of two young daughters. When she does get a minute, she enjoys baking and cooking. No surprise, it is the chemistry of the cooking process that appeals to her and gives her an inside track to produce master creations for the palate.

Thank you Priya for coming all the way from Malaysia (via Pomona) to enhance the PRO-TECH family.