Fraud Blocker

This month, we wanted to shine the spotlight on a long-term friend and family member. As a childhood friend of the owners, he started helping out at PRO-TECH as far back as high school. His name is Mark Hayne, and he is currently the Operations Manager responsible for our Borate 1 and Borate 2 warehouses.

If the product needs to be sterilized, which is true for the majority of PRO-TECH’s projects, then Mark and his team track the product from our warehouses to the sterilizer and back, and then ensure that it is safely shipped to its final destination. As you might imagine, it is critical that non-sterile product is kept separate from product that has already been sterilized. Mark and his team do a great job ensuring that separation with every project, and they take personal responsibility for the care and handling of each customer’s product and packaging.

One of the interesting aspects of Mark’s story is that at one point he took over his father’s job at PRO-TECH. His dad, Ralph, had been with the company for several years. Unfortunately, he suffered a debilitating stroke and was unable to continue working. As it turned out, Mark had been working at the company on a part-time basis and was interested in joining full-time. Although the situation began under difficult circumstances, it was wonderful to literally keep the job in the family, and in a way, honor Ralph by passing his job down to his son.

Since that time almost ten years ago, Mark has continued to assume greater levels of responsibility and he now manages two warehouses and eight people. His growth within the company has been well earned, and it is invaluable to have someone you trust absolutely and who knows the company so well.

When not cheering his daughter play competitive volleyball, Mark can be found with his family in his new 30-foot travel trailer which they use to go camping nearly every month.

Thank you Mark for your many contributions to the PRO-TECH family and for continuing and enhancing the legacy of your father.