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We are thrilled to introduce you to one of PRO-TECH’s unsung heroes.

Maria Santana, who goes by “Guille”, is a key member of our cleanroom team. Every day, she comes to work, suits up in her gown and hair net and enters the cleanroom environment to make sure that our customer’s devices are assembled and packaged such that harmful pathogens do not come in contact with them.

Guille takes pride in doing the job well and she likes that she is providing a critical service that helps improve patients’ lives. With the pandemic as a stark example, it feels even more essential to care for people’s health and to recognize the importance of everyone’s role in the process.

Guille has been with PRO-TECH for eleven years. Over that time, she has seen the company grow tremendously and she appreciates how far we have come. From starting in the day shift with only six people in the cleanroom, to moving to the second shift as demand grew. She has been part of that expansion and has helped the company meet the growing needs of our customers.

As an experienced, skilled operator, Guille has a detailed understanding of all of the production lines and machinery in the cleanroom. Because of this, she is often the one called upon to train new hires and educate them on the nuances of the production process. Her reputation as a good quality trainer is appreciated throughout the company, and even experienced employees still come to her for advice. She feels a responsibility to train people well, knowing that it will help the person succeed as well as help the company be successful.

If there is a common thread to highlight for Guille, it is that she likes to help people. She likes the work she does at PRO-TECH, because she knows it helps people. She likes to train people to help them succeed. And she likes to help the company be successful.

When not working, Guille enjoys hiking with her family and visiting new places like a recent visit to Sequoia National Park.

Thank you Guille for your help in making PRO-TECH successful through your knowledge, training, and commitment. And, for adding to the family by recruiting your own daughter, Adriana, to help even more!