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With Thanksgiving coming up, for our Spotlight this month, we wanted to focus on family. And we found a perfect person to represent the family feel of PRO-TECH Design – Leticia Bonilla.

She’s been part of the PRO-TECH Design family for five years and it was family that brought her to us originally. One of her sisters, who worked for us, recommended her for an open position.

But it doesn’t stop there – Leticia has two sisters who currently work for the company (Josephina and Teresa), one sister who previously did, and her daughter and niece also used to work here! Clearly, her family life includes both her work life and her personal life!

As a family-run and operated company, we celebrate and appreciate the unique trust and responsibility that comes with working with family.

Growing up in Jalisco, Mexico, Leticia was part of a huge, close-knit family. Imagine this, she is one of 13 children! Her family continues to play an important role in who she is and what she focuses on. With three grown children of her own and two grandchildren, she has always put her family first.

At PRO-TECH, Leticia is a manufacturing line leader in our cleanroom. She leads a team that assembles and tests products for some of our largest customers.

She has a strong commitment to her team and enjoys the camaraderie that comes with working the second shift. They bond together and have to work as a team to solve problems without the full resources of the company immediately present.

Also, because she starts a little later, she is able to spend time with her grandchildren before work and then she comes into PRO-TECH and works hard as part of her team to deliver for our customers.

Leticia’s hobbies include cooking, dancing, and listening to mariachi. She enjoys cooking all kinds of specialties, but fettuccini alfredo tops the list. We can’t wait until we can start having potlucks again so she can share her culinary skills.

Thank you, Leticia, for your commitment to the PRO-TECH family. We appreciate all that you and the second shift team do to keep our commitments to our customers and their patients.