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This month we want to spotlight someone who joined the team earlier this year and has had a big impact in a relatively short amount of time. His name is Larry Frans, and he is the General Manager of our Arlington, TX location.

Larry has a tremendous background in manufacturing operations and has worked for many different companies during his 25+ year career. Having managed operations across a variety of products and situations, he has a wealth of experience to bring to our growing operations in TX.

Since he started with us in February, we have seen significant business expansion in Texas. The growth is a function of dedicated investment in our operational capabilities and resources plus increasing customer demand in a key market for medical devices.

Customers appreciate the redundant operational capabilities between TX and our CA manufacturing facilities. It helps mitigate operating risks by separating production across geographically dispersed locations.

When Larry joined PRO-TECH, this expansion was just beginning, and he didn’t get much of chance to acclimate. However, he hit the ground running and his approach fit perfectly with two of our key values – Customer First and Flexibility. He and the Texas team have risen to the challenge and have done a great job delivering for our customers while developing new capabilities to prepare for future requirements. It is also a great example of how our California and Texas teams work together to help each other and provide support and guidance at each step along the way

In talking to Larry, you can feel his genuineness and honesty. Customers and team members alike appreciate his easy humor and capable approach. He brings a calmness to solving problems and is able to balance the current need while also planning ahead to develop future competencies.

When not at work, Larry and his wife are adapting to their new empty-nester status with two kids in college. His golf game is a work in progress (as it is for all of us), but he’s enjoying the chance to hone his game. And, if he can balance some improvement there with quality time fishing and hunting, he’ll be most content.

Larry, we are very happy that you have found a home at PRO-TECH. Your contributions in the short time you’ve been with the company are remarkable. We look forward to seeing what’s next and have strong aspirations for our Texas location.