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A homegrown success story, Jonathan started with PRO-TECH when he was only 18 years old! His mother worked at the company, and while he was on Spring Break and needed some extra money, he helped out in our packaging department. He did such a great job that once he graduated and an opportunity came up, he joined full-time.

A true self-starter, Jonathan jumped in with both feet and advanced quickly through several departments, including Kitting, Clean Room Assembly, Quality and Packaging. Along the way, he sought out key mentors and accumulated valuable experience at each stop, giving him a holistic view of the company.

As a result, when a supervisor position became available, he was the logical choice and became the youngest supervisor in the company. He continued to thrive in his new leadership role, and due to his hard work and drive to learn and grow, he was eventually asked to take on an even bigger challenge — re-locate from PRO-TECH headquarters in California to oversee production in our Arlington, TX location. He’s been in Texas for over two years now and the results have been fantastic!

He has grown into a leader in the company and customers and teammates alike appreciate his ability to roll up his sleeves and get things done. His leadership has enabled the company to grow its Texas operations and to provide redundant production capabilities in different parts of the country to ensure seamless delivery for our customers.

Jonathan, we look forward to seeing you continue to grow, using your skills to benefit customers and employees alike. Thank you for all that you do!