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One of PRO-TECH Design’s key operating principles is a Commitment to Quality. As such, we take great pains to ensure that we deliver high quality medical device packaging, customer service, and that we adhere to the industry’s highest ISO standards.

As part of that commitment, we hire experts with deep experience in maintaining superior quality standards. This month, we’d like to introduce you to one of those people, Debbie Heng.

Debbie is part of our outstanding quality department. This group is responsible for setting company quality standards, conducting internal quality audits, and training our team to adhere to these standards. Debbie joined PRO-TECH about four years ago, bringing with her a background in Molecular & Cell Biology and a wealth of dedicated quality experience across several industries. This background helps her bring a unique perspective and a range of experience that helps her identify productive solutions to a range of situations.

One of the things she enjoys about working at PRO-TECH is the variety of products and customers she gets to work with. Because of the range and responsibility of her position, she gets involved with just about every customer. This variety helps keep her skills sharp and her mind engaged as she evaluates each customer’s situation and identifies quality processes that meet standardized ISO requirements. Most importantly, each solution must meet the high quality standards required when you are working with products that will be implanted into a patient. Her commitment to her role and the pride she takes in developing the best solution is evident every day in her work and that of the quality team.

She is excited to see the growth and innovation going on at the company and is gratified by the role she plays in maintaining the highest quality standards and processes while supporting this growth. The collaborative aspect of her job means that she works with a lot of different people at the company, and she appreciates the cooperative approach that each member of the team brings to the table. Plus, it always helps when you really like the people you work with.

Outside of the office, Debbie loves to travel, but most of her time is spent with her family and all the activities that come with having two young children. In other words, it’s non-stop!

Thank you, Debbie, for your commitment to deliver the very best for our customers and to maintain and enhance the high-quality standards that PRO-TECH is known for. We appreciate all that you do.