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You might not think it, but a B2B medical device packaging company sends and receives a lot of material. From receiving component parts and supplies to shipping out full pallets for sterilization, the shipping and receiving dock is very active to say the least.

It is critical that the right shipments are correctly received, logged into the system, and accounted for quickly so that everyone has the visibility to what is in stock and where it is. Without that, chaos ensues. At the center of all this at our headquarters building, is our in-house receiving & shipping maestro, Alejandro Flores!

Alejandro has been with PRO-TECH for about five years and has had a front row seat to witness and participate in the growth of the company. As business grows, the shipments coming in and out necessarily grow as well, and receiving/shipping is one of the first areas impacted the increased activity. Luckily, Alejandro has been up to the challenge! At each new level of activity, he has upped his game and tackled the task with a positive attitude and willingness to adapt and grow.

For Alejandro, family is really important and a key part of who he is. Family is even related to his connection to PRO-TECH. He learned about the job opportunity originally from his sister-in-law, Maricela, who also works at the company. At the time, he was caring for his critically ill father, but Maricela recognized that the job would be a good opportunity and a good fit for him. He also lives in a complex of houses that includes several of his siblings and their families, so a family backyard barbeque is always a fun and welcome possibility. And just ask him about his wife or 18 month-old daughter and watch him light up.

Alejandro brings a positivity and “can-do” spirit to work, and it is great to have someone in his role with that kind of attitude. He always tries to help even when the questions can come from anywhere on any topic. He is like the “Alexa” of PRO-TECH – “Where is that package?” “When did we receive that shipment of components?”; “What company sent the thing?”

It has been great to see his development and to see how he has grown along with the company. Alejandro, we appreciate you and want to say thank you for all that you do every day to keep the company organized and functioning.