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Packaging Design

Innovative Design Solutions

PRO-TECH has extensive experience in designing custom medical packaging to meet our customers’ unique needs.  Medical Devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes and often require customized packaging solutions to ensure safety, durability, compliance and consistent quality.


A customer had been using PRO-TECH’s stock packaging systems since launch to package orthopedic implants.

Now that sales have grown, the customer wanted to reduce the footprint of the packaging and achieve a more enhanced look.

This situation called for a fully customized packaging system.


PRO-TECH’s Engineering team designed a system that accommodated three distinct products, each with over a dozen sizes.

The solution used a common inner/outer tray and box, with retainers and interior foam to meet individual product needs.

PRO-TECH’s development team wrote and executed validation protocols for the new packaging to ensure safety and compliance.


All implants were successfully transitioned into the new dual tray system with no loss in quality and compliance.

Validations were completed on time and PRO-TECH’s production team continues to clean, package, label and sterilize all implants.

The customer is enjoying a new design for their medical device packaging and feedback from the field has been positive.