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SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIF (May 22, 2023) – One year ago, PRO-TECH Design & Manufacturing, Inc., acquired Surgical Technologies, Inc. (STI) of St. Paul, MN. The combined company is a full-service, ISO 13485 certified medical device contract manufacturer with operations in Santa Fe Springs, CA; St. Paul, MN; and Arlington, TX.

“The goal of the acquisition was to expand our manufacturing capabilities to include a presence in the important Minneapolis/St. Paul medical device corridor. After one year, we are very pleased with the results. The people of STI have been terrific and very welcoming, and customers are pleased that we now have redundant locations across the country to meet their needs. We could not be happier,” said Pamela McMaster, CEO, PRO-TECH Design.

Over the past year, the combined entity has worked diligently to integrate their operations and workflow, while also maintaining the independent spirit of each location. Each milestone that was outlined during the initial acquisition phase has been achieved. These include deploying a new Enterprise Management Software system, conducting company-wide training, and welcoming new customers. Additionally, the St. Paul site has transitioned to a new quality assurance system and successfully hosted their first ISO audit under that system. Finally, long-term projects have been initiated to modernize packaging and labeling equipment.

“Our family has deep roots in the State of Minnesota, and it has been gratifying to see the company expand into this area. I have lived in Minnesota most of my life, and it has been great to walk into the St. Paul office every day and see the team working so hard to make this acquisition a success. I am very proud of the people in our office and of the work they have done along with the rest of the organization. I am excited to see how this combined company will grow in the future,” commented Jeff Swanson, Vice President, PRO-TECH Design.

As stated earlier, the acquisition expands PRO-TECH Design’s manufacturing capabilities to three locations (Santa Fe Springs, CA; Arlington, TX; and now St. Paul, MN), making it one of the largest familyowned medical device contract packaging companies in the country. The company serves medical device markets in the U.S. and internationally. With over 40 years of experience in medical device packaging, PRO-TECH Design offers customers a wealth of experience in packaging design, contract assembly, and sterilization management services.


PRO-TECH Design & Manufacturing is a womanowned, full-service FDA- and ISO 13485-registered medical device contract manufacturing and packaging company headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. Founded by Pamela McMaster in 1980, PRO-TECH Design specializes in medical device assembly, contract packaging, laboratory services, and sewn medical products. As a leader in the industry trusted by multiple Fortune 100 companies for unmatched service, high-quality products, and fair pricing.