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100% Traceability & Accuracy

One of the biggest concerns we hear from potential customers when looking for a contract manufacturer, is the reliability of their quality control systems. In particular, they are concerned with the tracking and accuracy of labeling. They know that error-free label production is critically important. If the wrong labels are used, the results can be disastrous. At PRO-TECH, we’ve addressed this concern by developing a customized label tracking system to ensure ultimate traceability and accuracy to meet the exacting standards of the FDA and our medical device customers.


Recently, a new customer approached us about assembling and packaging a complex series of products that had multiple sub-components for each product. Each sub-component needed to be labeled and monitored to ensure accuracy from the reception of the initial components all the way to final shipping of the fully assembled product.

There was no margin for error and key milestone checks needed to be systematically automated. This potential client would not become a full-fledged customer without strong assurances that PRO-TECH could handle their complex situation.


Anticipating the needs of current and future customers, PRO-TECH had already invested in the development of a customized label tracking system to handle the complexity of just such a project.

PRO-TECH’s proprietary software uses barcode scanners and vision systems to 100% digitally verify label content at each stage in the assembly process. We also offered the customer access to a dedicated customer portal so they could track production throughout the assembly process, giving them additional piece of mind.


The potential customer was so impressed with the capabilities of the system and the personalized experience from the team, that they placed an order right away.

Now, the launch is on-target and all label tracking has been 100% traceable and accurate.

The customer is already thinking of awarding a second product line to PRO-TECH.