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Arlington Medical Device Contract-Packaging

About Medical Device Contract Packaging in Arlington

Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington, Texas, is known for its vibrant city life. According to the most recent census, the city has a population of more than 394,000, ranking it seventh among Texas’ largest cities.

There are a wide variety of museums, attractions, sporting events, concerts, and restaurants to explore in this city. The city of Arlington is not only a major tourist destination but also a major economic hub in Texas. 

Arlington is also home to several medical facilities, such as Parkview Medical Group, Inc., Riverside County Regional Medical Center, and more. Packaging services are often an overlooked aspect in the creation or delivery of a medical device. Medical facilities in Arlington can turn to Pro-Tech for clever packaging solutions!

Pro-Tech: Protecting Your Medical Devices Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Contract packaging services are an important part of the development of a successful medical device. A proper packaging solution is crucial to the protection of your product during sterilization, transportation, and delivery to the patient.

Over the last 40 years, Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing, Inc. has created packaging that is uniquely tailored to our customers’ requirements. Designed to protect medical devices from design through shipment to the end-user, we provide supply chain management and medical device sterilization services.

Our company provides packaging materials exclusively to medical device companies. Additionally, since we work with a broad range of clients and packaging, we have a deep understanding of industry requirements, packaging components, and cost-effective solutions.

With our expertise and market knowledge, we offer manufacturing and packaging services for sterile medical devices that balance quality, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) packaging requirements, and cost.


We specialize in Medical Device Contract Packaging, Assembly, and Outsourcing services.  We also provide packaging validation in our ISO 17025 accredited lab.


For 40 years, we have prided ourselves on developing customized solutions to meet each of our customer’s unique needs.


We are committed to the highest quality standards and are FDA and ISO registered with fully equipped Class 10,000/ISO 7-rated cleanrooms.

Medical Device Packaging Capabilities 

Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing, Inc. offers a wide variety of custom and pre-validated packaging solutions.  Our packaging consultation considers factors such as size, materials, complexity, design, quality concerns, sterilization requirements, packaging specifics, and cost. We consider all these elements when developing the highest quality package design for each customer.

Pro-Tech Design’s medical device packaging capabilities include:

  • Sterile Barrier Form-Fill-Seal
  • Pouching – 6 High-Speed Pouching Lines
  • Trays – 5 Rigid Tray Lines
  • Product Assembly
  • Vacuum/Inert Packaging
  • Liquid Filling – Syringes, Vials, and Tubes
  • Chemical Compounding and QC Services 
  • Custom Boxes, Foam, and Inserts 
  • Cartoning/Multi-Packs 
  • Heat-Sealed Carding 
  • Automated Bagging 
  • Shrink Wrapping

Let’s Work Together On Your Next Project

Understanding the needs of the customer is the first step in packaging development. Our goal is to understand the unique requirements of each business, from the most established firms in the industry to small startups, so we can design a packaging solution that is customized to their specific needs.

If you have any questions about Pro-Tech’s packaging solutions and design process, our experts are ready to assist you. Aside from Arlington, we also offer services in Santa Fe Springs and Los Angeles. For more information about our free packaging consultation, contact us today!