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Chicago Medical Device Contract Assembly

About Medical Device Contract Assembly in Chicago

Chicago is one of the largest medical device industry hubs in the United States.  It is a significant contributor to employment, investment, and innovation in the Midwest.  It is also home to some of the largest healthcare companies in the world.

Pro-Tech Design is a trusted contract manufacturer to several medical device companies in Chicago.  We have added a contract manufacturing facility in the Midwest to be closer to customers in the region and to provide contract assembly and packaging services across a broad range of medical devices.

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Devices Assembly

There are many benefits to outsourcing medical device contract assembly. to a qualified contract manufacturer.  Working with an experienced partner gives you access to a team that has assembled and packaged many different types of medical devices and can utilize best practices to reduce costs and improve quality.

Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing medical device assembly:

  • Production Expertise – one of the key benefits of outsourcing production to a medical contract manufacturer is that they have expertise in producing many different medical devices. As a result, they understand the production pitfalls that can come into play and how to avoid them. They also know how to maximize efficiencies to assemble and package the device more cost-effectively.

  • Lower Investment & Speed to Market – by outsourcing production to a medical device manufacturer who already has the production lines and cleanroom environment set up, the initial investment is much lower. Also an experienced contract manufacturer is already production-ready, getting you to market faster.

  • Regulatory Understanding – FDA registration is another significant benefit of outsourcing medical device production. The regulations are very complex and easy to run afoul of if you are not experienced in medical device packaging and assembly.  A good contract manufacturer should know how to navigate regulatory requirements and can be a big asset in helping newer medical device companies successfully bring their product to market.

  • Only Pay for What you Use – with medical device outsourcing, you only pay for the time and resources used when your product is being produced. Idle production lines are not your responsibility, and you can build your cost models based on someone else absorbing the overhead.

    This is where a medical device contract manufacturer like Pro-Tech Design can help!



We specialize in Medical Device Contract Packaging, Assembly, and Outsourcing services.  We also provide packaging validation in our ISO 17025 accredited lab.


For 40 years, we have prided ourselves on developing customized solutions to meet each of our customer’s unique needs.


We are committed to the highest quality standards and are FDA and ISO registered with fully equipped Class 10,000/ISO 7-rated cleanrooms.

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With years of experience in medical device contract manufacturing, Pro-Tech Design can provide innovative solutions and faster turnaround times with modern equipment and trained employees. Our production lines and cleanrooms make it possible to assemble even the most complex medical devices.

We are also ISO 13485 certified and maintain the highest quality standards to ensure that you don’t have to worry.

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Our sales engineers will review the device, discuss your specifications, and work with you to determine the optimal assembly protocol and packaging solution.

In addition to Chicago, we also offer services to other key Midwest markets like Indianapolis, Minneapolis and Michigan.

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