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This month we have a combo spotlight! Tania and Raul both work at PRO-TECH in the sewing department and together they are moving to our Arlington, TX facility. So, it seems only fitting to talk about them together.

They have both worked in the sewn medical products department in our Santa Fe Springs, CA headquarters for the past five years. No, we cannot take credit for introducing them. Tania joined the company first and recommended that we hire Raul. It has been a win-win for everyone ever since – they have been great employees and have enjoyed working at PRO-TECH where they appreciate how the company recognizes and rewards their hard work.

In fact, they like it so much that when they were considering moving to Texas to be near Tania’s daughter, they were not sure if they could do it without PRO-TECH. So, they approached their supervisor and asked whether there were opportunities in our Arlington cleanroom and packing areas. Luckily, that location has been growing steadily and there were good opportunities available. It was another win-win as Tania and Raul got the chance to move to Texas and be near family, PRO-TECH retained two great employees, and we could help them grow and develop in new roles.

One of the ongoing challenges with multiple locations at a company is to create consistent cultures. As a result, we are very excited to add Tania and Raul to an already great team in TX, where they will add their positivity, strong work ethic and “can-do” spirit. Between daily gym workouts and weekend bike rides, they like to stay in shape and be active, and they are looking forward to exploring all that the Dallas area has to offer and to meeting their new team.

We wish Tania and Raul all the best in their move to TX and are excited and proud that the company gets to be part of that journey and that they will still be part of the PRO-TECH family.