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Happy National Packaging Design Day! Who knew that was even a thing?!?

Well, we found a way to celebrate anyway by spotlighting one of our engineers – Reena Zachariah.

Reena is relatively new to PRO-TECH and has been a great addition to the team in the last year. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering and is trained in process and packaging validation. Her role is to ensure that the packaging solutions we design will protect customer’s medical devices throughout the distribution process so that they reach the end consumer safe and sound.

Reena’s superpower is to identify potential packaging failure points before they occur. By conducting tests like accelerated aging and distribution simulation, her role is to recognize potential problems early in the development process. Once identified, Reena then collaborates with our packaging engineers and customers to develop the right packaging solution.

Attention to detail, collaboration, and problem-solving skills are hallmarks of a good validation engineer. No one likes to fail a validation test, but Reena has done a good job of setting the right expectations and becoming a partner in developing the solution. As a result, people want to work with her and they recognize the value that she adds to the team.

The other thing that stands out about Reena is her calm nature. She brings a certain serenity to the process. Maybe it’s because as a mother of two young kids, she is adept at juggling a little bit of chaos. Whatever the cause, it’s very helpful to the team to have someone who is calm, fun to work with, and diligent about what she does. Reena, we are so glad you chose to join the PRO-TECH team and we appreciate all that you’ve brought to the company in the short amount of time you’ve been with us.