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For our spotlight this month, we will be visiting our in-house lab and featuring Irma Estrada. Irma has been with the company for a little less than two years but has already progressed from an entry level lab technician to a Lab Tech 3, which is a jump of two levels.

Irma has been a great addition to PRO-TECH Design’s lab team. She joined right around the time we were working towards our ISO 17025 accreditation to enable us to conduct different tests and validations in-house. The timing of her hire combined with her talents and drive turned out to be just right.

Her chemistry degree from Cal State Long Beach comes in particularly handy as she conducts different chemical tests with names like osmolality, viscosity, and UV-Visible spectroscopy. With intimidating names like this, most of us would run the other way. However, for Irma, she loves the challenge of using her chemistry background to ensure that our customer’s medical devices are safe and will hopefully make the end patient’s life better.

In fact, one of the things that she enjoys most about working at PRO-TECH is that our work helps people. We help assembly, package and test medical devices that can dramatically improve the quality of life of the final patient, and she says that it is a good feeling to play even a small role in that process.

Irma is used to caring for people. She comes from a large family and is the youngest of five. Even though she’s the baby of her family, she now has plenty of nieces and nephews to take care of and she loves spending time with them. During her non-work hours, you can find her at a nephew’s baseball game, Disneyland, or just hanging out with family.

PRO-TECH has become a nice extension to her family. She really likes the people she works with and enjoys the friendly atmosphere. She feels like she is valued and appreciated; so much so that she even referred her mom, her aunt, and her friend for jobs! They all work here now!

Irma, you’ve been a great addition to the team, and we love your bubbly personality, commitment to doing your job well, and adept chemist skills. We feel like we hit the jackpot. Any other family members or friends to refer?