Fraud Blocker

Problem solver. Learner. Decipherer.

These are all apt descriptions of our Spotlight employee this month, Amy Wada.

Amy is a customer service expert in our medical sewn products division. They focus on creating custom sewn products to protect and carry medical devices. Much of Amy’s job is to decipher a customer’s initial vision and transform that into a viable, comfortable and cost-effective sewn product. That is where Amy’s skills and experience rise to the challenge. She is great at listening to the customer’s needs, putting herself in the shoes of the end user, and then translating that into a tangible product. It is an alchemy of knowing what to listen for, knowing what materials and sewing techniques can make it work, and knowing what will be affordable.

When Amy joined PRO-TECH nearly 12 years ago, she had never worked for a medical device company, nor did she have experience with sewn products. What she did have was a natural curiosity and a willingness to jump in and figure it out. She started out as a part-time assistant to the company founder, and over time as she proved herself to be very capable, her role evolved to include more and more responsibility. Along the way, when she saw opportunities to improve the process or was asked to try something new, she jumped in and figured out how to make it work. She has been doing that for over a decade now and has seen and contributed significantly to the growth of the company.

Her experience is a good reflection of what she enjoys about the company. PRO-TECH’s family culture encourages team members to succeed, and new opinions and ideas are appreciated. As a lean, growing company, new challenges arise all the time and there is never a shortage of opportunities to think outside of your conventional job description and make meaningful contributions.

Outside of PRO-TECH, Amy applies her creative talents towards one of her hobbies – paper crafting. She makes her own, handmade cards and stationery and enjoys creating personalized messaging that reflects the individuality of the recipient.

Thank you, Amy, for using your creative problem-solving skills to listen, decipher and deliver solutions that make the company and our customers proud!