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Pouches Getting Smarter

I ran across a very good article the other day about the growth of the Wearable Medical Device Market and it struck me as exciting, but also mildly amusing. PRO-TECH Design has been sewing …

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Medical Device Labeling - PRO-TECH Design

Remote Packaging Collaboration

There are a lot of things we miss by being physically distanced from our customers. One of them is that medical device packaging conversations often involve back and forth discussions about de…

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Medical Device Labeling - PRO-TECH Design

Medical Device Labeling – Too Often an Afterthought

Accurate medical device labeling is a critical component to any quality control system. Often though, labeling is only considered at the end of the packaging process, which in itself…

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How to Navigate an Audit During a Pandemic

For anyone in the medical device industry, ISO Audits are stressful enough and there is a lot riding on them. However, in the current situation, now you add the challenges of a pandemic…

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PRO-TECH featured in Device Alliance Podcast!

The Device Alliance, an Orange County, CA-based medical device network, interviewed Pam McMaster (CEO) and Aaron Swanson (President) for their podcast. It was a great conversation and covers a lot of topics related to medical devices and packaging. Pam and Aaron talk...

PRO-TECH Response to COVID-19

9/18/2020 Update Thankfully, there isn’t much to report. PRO-TECH continues to operate at full capacity with no operational interruptions. In fact, we have tried to utilize this situation to reimagine some of our operations and look for ways to innovate and improve....

Borate 2 Grand Opening!

We are excited to share that after several months of planning, painting and prep, we have officially moved our medical sewing department into our new building – Borate 2. This new space increases our total capacity by 25% and will create additional room and...