2021 Predictions - Pause, Stretch & Flex

2021 Predictions - Pause, Stretch & Flex

If you teleported back one year ago, what predictions would you have made for 2020? Undoubtedly, they would have looked nothing like what actually happened….

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Medical Device Outsourcing - Reduce Costs and Headaches

When considering whether to outsource the packaging and assembly of a medical device, companies often…

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detail_article08_pouches-getting-smarter - PRO-TECH

Pouches Getting Smarter

I ran across a very good article the other day about the growth of the Wearable Medical Device Market and it struck me as exciting, but also mildly amusing. PRO-TECH Design has been sewing …

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Medical Device Labeling - PRO-TECH Design

Remote Packaging Collaboration

There are a lot of things we miss by being physically distanced from our customers. One of them is that medical device packaging conversations often involve back and forth discussions about de…

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ISO 17025 Lab Testing Accreditation

We are excited to share that PRO-TECH has been officially certified to conduct bioburden, LAL, and sterile barrier system testing at our Santa Fe Springs, CA headquarters. After months of quality testing, submissions, and a virtual certification audit, our lab is...

PRO-TECH Response to COVID-19

12/16/2020 Update Given the increase in COVID cases around the country, we wanted to provide an update as we close out 2020. We continue to be vigilant about cleaning, mask-wearing and social distancing protocols to keep our employees safe and to maintain operations....

PRO-TECH featured in Device Alliance Podcast!

The Device Alliance, an Orange County, CA-based medical device network, interviewed Pam McMaster (CEO) and Aaron Swanson (President) for their podcast. It was a great conversation and covers a lot of topics related to medical devices and packaging. Pam and Aaron talk...